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Sever Squad

Sever Squad

If you're looking for your next adventure, strap on your power armor and join Sever in the drop shuttle. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

Drop Zone

Get in fast. Rescue the VIP. Get out. Sever Squad is outnumbered, outgunned, and deep in enemy territory, and every second spent on Dynas ticks them closer to a fiery end.

When a strange rescue signal comes in, Sever Squad gets the call. They're tough, reckless, and one carries a giant hammer. Except this mission's different: the signal's calling for help, but the planet's deserted.

Helix Strike

Sever squad went to rescue a missing VIP. Now they're broken up, hunted, and trapped on a planet filled with people, and worse, who want them dead.

Not that Sever would have it any other way.

Hope's Debt

After leaving Dynas with secrets and suspicions, Sever Squad abandons their employer and makes for a secluded mining world to figure out what's next. An offer to help remove some stubborn locals serves as a paycheck, one that quickly turns sour when Sever realizes those same locals aren't exactly the deadly killers they're supposed to be.

Home Front

When the Sever squad members find themselves separated and picked off by DefenseCorp's shadowy arm, what had started as a chance to heal turns into a frantic fight for survival, not just for themselves, but for the thousands onboard the Nautilus that might be sacrificed so Sever's enemies can get what they want:

A child, and the miracle in her veins.

Grim Tide

With a team member taken hostage and a child in danger, Sever Squad pursues a deadly agent across the galaxy.

Having left their command ship in ruins, the traitorous agents Vana and Renard look for the final missing piece to create a devastating new weapon. That piece lies inside a young girl's cells, a child hidden away on a watery, high-tech world with no interest in a war.

Fury Storm

On a fringe planet, Sever Squad makes a last, desperate effort to destroy a deadly horde before it can consume the galaxy.

After licking their wounds, Sever Squad gets a tip telling them to pick up their rifles, their swords, and their ship: the last chance to stop a super soldier project has arrived. Aurora and the other Severs head out to make good on her promise to catch and, if necessary, kill the agent behind it all.