Grim Tide - Sever Squad Book 6

Grim Tide - Sever Squad Book Five

With a team member taken hostage and a child in danger, Sever Squad pursues a deadly agent across the galaxy.

Having left their command ship in ruins, the traitorous agents Vana and Renard look for the final missing piece to create a devastating new weapon. That piece lies inside a young girl's cells, a child hidden away on a watery, high-tech world with no interest in a war.

Sever Squad doesn't have a choice. Vana and Renard took their rookie, and Sever's going to do anything they can to get him back, even if it means sneaking heavy weapons onto a planet with no taste for them. The only question is whether Sever can save both their friend and the child before the agents take them both.

Grim Tide continues Sever Squad's sci-fi action adventure as the mercenary soldiers blast and bash their way from one world to the next, willing to save anything for the right price.

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A.R. Knight

A.R. Knight