Android Audio Adventures

Android Audio Adventures

The Far Horizons Trilogy, Now Available Everywhere in Audio.

“Name’s Kaydee, by the way.” As she said her name, tiny gold fireworks shot from behind her and crackled, forming her name over Kaydee’s head. “And boy, are you in trouble.”

So goes the meeting between an android, Gamma, and his soon-to-be guide through the wreckage of humanity's hopeful future, Kaydee. Their adventures across Starship run The Far Horizons trilogy, now available everywhere in awesome audio narrated by Jay Aaseng.

If you like my audiobooks, you'll recognize Jay from The Riven Trilogy and Sever Squad, and his excellent work continues on here. You can listen to the samples at your preferred retailer here, or maximize your credit bang-for-buck by grabbing the complete trilogy in a single set.

In other writing news, you can grab Starshot in ebook form for free this month, so if you've never stepped into Kaishi's shoes for an intergalactic adventure, now's the time to give it a whirl. Those are releasing in audio format too, which I'll highlight more soon.

You'll also find The Seven Isles getting audio treatment on the YouTube channel if that's more your speed (Jay's doing the professional narration on this series now, which is going to be amazing).

That's about it in release news for the moment, which brings us to the usual mini segments:

What I'm Working On: As much fun as it was dashing between serial projects, I'm again finding it more productive to knock out a single work. I'm deep into the final volume in The Seven Isles, which should make it out to all of you in September. It's going to be a fantastic send-off for a whole bunch of great characters, though I have bigger plans for the world.

What I'm Watching: Currently diving into Scavenger's Reign, which is about as cool a sci-fi series as exists if you dig the more, well, sci-fi stuff. This is stretching creativity, with every half-hour episode packed with neat visuals and compelling ideas. Watch on Netflix if you want to be reminded what strange wonders this universe is capable of.

What I'm Playing: It's Ultimate Frisbee season, and in Madison, that means MUFA (Madison Ultimate Frisbee Association) Summer League. Our team's been going for over a decade by now, playing twice a week June through August, and while the body doesn't take all that running quite as nicely as it used to, chasing a flying disc is still as thrilling as ever. Maybe I have more in common with dogs than I thought...

That's it for this edition! Hope you're all having a fantastic summer, and thanks for reading!


A.R. Knight

A.R. Knight