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The Wild Nines

The Wild Nines

A few drinks, a couple unexpected murders, and now Davin and his crew are the most wanted band in the Solar System.

So starts The Wild Nines, a space opera series you'll pick up and never want to put down - check out the books below, and set off on your next adventure with The Wild Nines today!

Wild Nines

Get hired. Stay Alive. Get Paid. A mercenary crew's motto gets tested when an attack turns a simple job into a fight for much more than their lives.

Wild Nines is the first novel in The Wild Nines series, a fast-paced, action-driven space opera set in a corporate-controlled solar system where laws are profit-driven, and survival often depends on how fast you are on the draw.

Dark Ice

Davin tried to clear his name, and wound up owing the most dangerous man in the solar system. And it’s time that debt was paid.

Dark Ice is the second novel in The Wild Nines series, an action-packed space opera where humanity’s expansion through the solar system is driven by blood, sweat, and greed.

One Shot

You only get one home, and when Davin sees his destroyed by someone he knows, he has to decide: do you join your enemy to stop your friend?

One Shot is the third novel in The Wild Nines series, a blistering space opera that brings colorful characters to epic battles with stakes large and small, as Davin’s mercenary crew must decide what their future holds.

Rogue Bet

Turns out saving the solar system doesn't make you a hero. It makes you a target.

A space opera filled with action, mystery and characters that'll grab you from the first page, Rogue Bet blasts off a new story that puts the fate of the solar system on one freighter and its mercenary crew.