The Wild Nines

The Wild Nines

A few drinks, a couple unexpected murders, and now Davin and his crew are the most wanted band in the Solar System.

So starts The Wild Nines, a space opera series you'll pick up and never want to put down - check out the books below, and set off on your next adventure with The Wild Nines today!

Wild Nines

For Davin and his veteran mercenary crew, running security on Europa should’ve been easy, and was, until a deadly mistake makes the Wild Nines the number one enemy in the solar system.

With his ragtag crew, Davin has to find out what happened and why, all the while outrunning merciless authorities and powerful people that would like it very much if the Wild Nines just dropped dead.

But Davin has a habit of disappointing people who wish him harm, and he’s not going to stop until he clears his crew’s name, and makes sure the ones who crossed his crew wish they never had.

Wild Nines is the first novel in The Wild Nines series, a fast-paced, action-driven space opera set in a corporate-controlled solar system where laws are profit-driven, and survival often depends on how fast you are on the draw.

If you’re looking for a gripping, sci-fi adventure, you’ve found it: pick up Wild Nines today and enjoy the ride!

Dark Ice

Davin tried to clear his name, and wound up owing the most dangerous man in the solar system. And it’s time that debt was paid.

Davin’s mercenary crew, the Wild Nines, are being sent out to Neptune and humanity’s fringes to try and find a lost freighter, one carrying enough valuable material to clear Davin’s sizeable tab. Problem is, the Wild Nines aren’t the only ones interested in this treasure, and Davin might be late to a very deadly party.

Dark Ice is the second novel in The Wild Nines series, an action-packed space opera where humanity’s expansion through the solar system is driven by blood, sweat, and greed.

If you’re looking for a planet-spanning adventure with characters as willing to crack a joke as blast an enemy, pick up Dark Ice today and step into the story!

One Shot

You only get one home, and when Davin sees his destroyed by someone he knows, he has to decide: do you join your enemy to stop your friend?

Returning to the solar system’s center, Davin’s crew, the Wild Nines, find worlds in turmoil as uprising against corporate control consume everything they know. The battle between corporation and citizen threatens to split the Wild Nines apart, and when the rebel’s ultimate plan becomes clear, Davin and his crew may be the only ones who can stop it.

Or make sure the plan succeeds, destroying the existing order and wiping away the civilization they know.

One Shot is the third novel in The Wild Nines series, a blistering space opera that brings colorful characters to epic battles with stakes large and small, as Davin’s mercenary crew must decide what their future holds.

A story that pulses from page one until the end, One Shot is an adventure you won’t want to miss. Pick it up today, and get sucked into another world!

Rogue Bet

Turns out saving the solar system doesn't make you a hero. It makes you a target.

With his crew gone their separate ways, Davin runs cargo from Mars to the Moon, taking bit jobs as they come in and watching as the safe play slowly ruins his relationship with Phyla. Itching for some action, Davin jumps at a chance when a call comes in to get a secret weapon all the way out to Jupiter. It's a mission that turns dangerous quick, but then, isn't that what Davin's wanted?

Bursting into a new story set after the first Wild Nines novels, Rogue Bet slams Davin's cocky attitude into big problems with messy solutions. Friends and enemies return, not always on the same sides, as Davin and Phyla are pulled into a web more dangerous than any they've been in before.

A space opera filled with action, mystery and characters that'll grab you from the first page, Rogue Bet blasts off a new story that puts the fate of the solar system on one freighter and its mercenary crew.

A.R. Knight

A.R. Knight