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The Riven Trilogy

The Riven Trilogy

Save the spirits, save the world.

Haunted by a past that wants him dead, Carver must find a way to stop Riven's collapse before he becomes the very monster he's trying to save.

The Riven Trilogy is an action-filled steampunk fantasy set during an alternate history of World War One.


The dead belong in Riven. The living on Earth. But as war fills Riven to bursting, Carver has to find a way to keep those lines clear, or there won’t be much difference between the worlds for long.

Guiding the dead to their next life has never been an easy job. Turns out, most dead don’t like being, well, dead. But when an angry, powerful spirit begins marshaling the lost souls and claiming Carver might be the bridge back to life, Carver has to find out why before the dead make him one of their own.

The Cycle

Carver thought he’d saved the world from the endless dead, but as Earth tries to find peace, a new threat targets the guides themselves, and Carver’s first on its list.

With WW1 still raging away, lost souls continue to pour into Riven, filling its world to bursting. The Guides, charged with cleansing those dead, are stretched thin even before a mysterious enemy begins tearing them apart. Carver must hunt down the monster before it destroys the guides, allowing the dead to break the barrier between worlds.

Spirit's End

All his life, Carver wanted to save Riven, the world of the dead. Now, to save those he loves, he has to destroy it.

With the Guides in shambles and Riven overrun with furious dead, Carver embarks on a final journey to try and keep the departed where they belong. Ending Riven’s growing threat, though, requires knowing how the world works, and who made it. Carver must journey through Riven’s dangerous history to find an answer.