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The Hero's Code

The Hero's Code

A new series exploring a world run by would-be heroes, who prove to be all too human as they clash with each other, normals, and monsters from their pasts. Explore a fascinating take on the superhero genre, and how getting everything you want might be the worst thing you can imagine.

Paragon's Fall

All his life, Aegis has defeated every villain he’s come across, one punch after another. He deserves a break, but when word spreads of a plot to destroy the Paragons, Aegis must don the suit one more time.

Champion's Call

It’s not easy for a legend to disappear. Mynx has been trying to fade away for years, but now Aegis is missing, and Mynx must lead the Paragons, or watch the world she built collapse into fiery disaster.

Revolution's Rise

The bomb did more than shatter a stadium: it shook the world. As the smoke settles, Celice heads off to Europe on the bomber's tail, vengeance hot on her mind. She has the tools and the tortured soul to make sure her target suffers. It's a no-holds-barred hunt, one that might carry a price higher than Celice is willing to pay.