Mynx, the Paragon's mechanical mastermind. Artwork by Grandfailure

Mynx: The Heart In The Machine

Mynx, the Paragon's mechanical mastermind. Artwork by Grandfailure

Continuing a short series looking at the starring characters in The Hero's Code. The series final two novels will be launching this fall, and in a bid to catch people up on the who's who, here are some swift blurbs about the bunch.

If The Hero's Code means nothing to you and you'd like to fix that, you can snag the series starter, Paragon's Fall, just about anywhere for free (in ebook).

You know that movie, The Matrix? The one that's got a sequel coming out this winter? Before the film series blows all its laws away and becomes, basically, a superhero saga, The Matrix centers itself on the idea of computer code generating an entire universe.

Mynx turns every computer, every gadget she finds into her own personal matrix. She can wander its silicon halls, seeing digits, functions, and programs as objects to be re-arranged. Mynx doesn't so much hack as walk right in through the front door, digital secrets ripe for the plumbing. Problems hard to parse when seen as code walls, symbols scrawling for far too long, Mynx can bundle them up into a clean picture and fix the issue with a digital dab.

Those techniques made her a perfect Paragon. She could disarm any rival government, any get-deadly-quick villain without getting in a killer's range. And when things did get up-close-and-not-so-personal, Mynx experimented, used Paragon resources to build herself some top notch suits to make a bashing brawl a sterilized, systematic squashing.

Every role needs optimizing, every problem needs solving, and Mynx turned her eyes on the obvious solution: running the world with only a few Paragons would prove impossible. Instead, replace those Paragons with obedient machines, drones that wouldn't hesitate to take a hero's place in a fight to keep that hero from dying in it.

The solution worked well. So well, Mynx has spent the last couple decades immersing herself in making those drones even better. She's filling in the gray areas so one day soon everyone can go about their days safe, secure, and knowing that the metal eye above is on their side.

And when that's done? Well, maybe Mynx might go out on the town. Have a glass of wine and watch the ocean.

Until the next problem needs solving.

A.R. Knight

A.R. Knight