Sever Squad's adventures continue!

Sever Squad's adventures continue!

If you're in the U.S., here's hoping you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and if you're not, here's hoping you've had a wonderful week!

It's been a pretty fun week here, as Hope's Debt flew out into the wild. The third book in the Sever Squad series, Hope's Debt has the squad dealing with the consequences from past choices on the galaxy's fringe, where strange characters and spicy jobs bring Aurora, Rovo, and the rest into the hard life of private mercenary work, where loyalty only goes as far as the cash in your account.

Sever Squad is, for me, just a fun series to write. Its scope isn't meant to be a galaxy-spanning war but rather a tight-knit adventure following five fighters as they, well, fight for what they believe in, whether that's their friends, a greater cause, or a big enough bank balance to retire and suck down delicious cocktails near a beautiful nebula.

You'll be seeing the next book, Home Front, in December, with the series closing up in January (or February, depending on how much trouble Sever squad decides to start). From there, I'm not entirely sure which series I'll tackle next, but you'll find out here.

On the whole, 2020 has been a challenging year (as it has, probably, for anyone reading this). Writing, telling these stories, has been, for me, a reprieve. A chance to vanish into an exciting universe that doesn't have quite so many grim tidings. I hope these stories do the same for you, and wish you the best heading into the holiday season.

Hope's Debt - Sever Squad Book Three

For some, their past haunts them. For Sever Squad, their past gets revenge.

After leaving Dynas with secrets and suspicions, Sever Squad abandons their employer and makes for a secluded mining world to figure out what's next. An offer to help remove some stubborn locals serves as a paycheck, one that quickly turns sour when Sever realizes those same locals aren't exactly the deadly killers they're supposed to be.

Trading conscience for cash is nothing new, but the stakes jump up when Sever's knowledge makes it to the wider galaxy and draws the wrong kind of attention. What should have been a chance to reset turns into a desperate fight for survival for both Sever and the miners as overwhelming force floods the world and threatens the mercenaries with total annihilation.

All to keep a secret.

Hope's Debt continues the sci-fi action adventure of the Sever Squad series, a smash-and-shoot story that runs on adrenaline from start to finish.

Available on Amazon and, in paperback, from anywhere you'd like!

A.R. Knight

A.R. Knight