A member of Sever Squad watches a planet in space.

Sever Squad in A+ Form

Mocked up this title card real quick in Adobe Spark.

Last week, I discussed some of the positives and negatives of Amazon's A+ content feature. I'm still fiddling with it (almost as a hobby of its own at this point) and wanted to drop an example here just for folks to look at.

As with anything like this, it's a balance between doing enough to have fun with it and maybe get a casual reader or two interested where they might click away while not spending so much time that the effort well outweighs the investment. I'm not, like, burning dawn till dusk on creating this stuff, but it's more useful than reading yet another article on how my poor football team continues to be a disaster.

So below you'll see an example of what I'm putting together for Sever Squad (and other) novels. Maybe it'll spark some ideas for your own books, maybe it'll get you to look up Aurora and Co's adventures across the stars. Maybe you'll laugh and tell me to stick to writing instead of designing anything.

Fair enough.

On that writing front, the drafts for the next two The Hero's Code volumes are complete. Just doing editing and getting covers put together. I'm now working on the sequels to The Farthest Star. Androids and big ol' spaceships. Gotta love'em.

A.R. Knight

A.R. Knight