Kat Collins, Tracker Extraordinaire (artwork by Grandfailure)

Kat: A Dog's Best Friend

Kat Collins, Tracker Extraordinaire (artwork by Grandfailure)

Continuing a short series looking at the starring characters in The Hero's Code. The series final two novels will be launching this fall, and in a bid to catch people up on the who's who, here are some swift blurbs about the bunch.

If The Hero's Code means nothing to you and you'd like to fix that, you can snag the series starter, Paragon's Fall, just about anywhere for free (in ebook).

There's a certain kind of person that gets a husky. Ideally, that person can put up with the nigh-endless energy, the whipping tail, the bright eyes wanting to look at this, that, and everything else. Ideally, that person also has a big yard to play in.

Kat's one-for-two. Her cramped apartment stuffed into Chicago's crowded west side doesn't do much for Seeker, so she makes it up by taking the dog out to hunt rogue anomalies.

With the Paragons running the show and establishing mandatory enrollment for anyone showing a gift, whether it's making a spot show on a wall or turning lead into gold, anomalies no longer have much choice once their powers make their appearance. That doesn't stop plenty from ducking the interviews, the scans, the flights to training camps in the north woods.

That's where Kat comes in. A bounty hunter of sorts, tasked with finding and tracing those anomalies that don't want to play by the rules. It's a lonely life, but one with benefits: Kat gets to wake up to take-out waffles whenever she wants, gets to stay out late and partake in rough-and-tumble boxing matches at Carver's. Her accounts are healthy enough that she's not starving.

And she's packing a sweet custom suit packed with gadgets, good for when her normal human self has to go toe-to-toe with a super-powered runaway. Of course, with reputation comes risk, comes requests that put more on the line than a reward.

Kat's only got one life, and when she comes face to face with an anomaly on the run, one packing power and a willingness to use it, the tracker's skills are going get put to the ultimate test.

With Seeker by her side.

A.R. Knight

A.R. Knight