Gamma and Delta Find Their Voices

Gamma and Delta Find Their Voices

The new Audiobook edition of 'The Flawed Design', narrated by the impeccable Jay Aaseng

Another week, another fantastic story releases: this week, The Flawed Design arrived in awesome audio courtesy of Jay Aaseng. Book Two in The Far Horizons series, The Flawed Design continues the adventures of Gamma, , and Delta as they try to save Starship and uncover the mysteries behind the disaster on the giant generation ship.

The Coded World isn't far behind - expect that before the summer's up, along with a complete trilogy audio edition. It's going to be a packed summer, folks.

Along those lines, the YouTube serial adventures continued this week, with new episodes in The Seven Isles, Rakers, and Hope's Hollow. You can also catch an audio edition of The Spear on the channel (and the Patreon, if you prefer ad-free listening).

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In the less business-y world this week, here's what's happening:

What I'm Reading: Listening to Andrew Robert's Napoleon: A Life, because, after watching Ridley Scott's Napoleon movie from last year, I found myself both intrigued and feeling like I was missing a lot of who this person was, and why he did the things he did. So far, so compelling.

What I'm Playing: Project Elite is one of those board games that's just a blast every time I break it out. A real-time co-op alien run-and-gun, Project Elite excels at bringing you and your friends to the brink only for you to just escape by the skin of your giant shotgun. Or maybe you die horribly beneath the un-ending hordes. Either way, you'll laugh, shout, and curse miserable luck together, all in a couple hours or less. Fantastic fun.

What I'm Watching: Masters of the Air, on Apple TV+. Having enjoyed Band of Brothers, but found The Pacific harder to get into, I wanted to give this a try. So far, it's interesting and looks immaculate. Almost too good given the time period. The characters haven't grabbed me as much as Band of Brothers, but aerial combat, particularly with bombers, is such a rare sight that I'm going to keep going with it anyway. Check it out if you're hungry for a familiar WW2 vibe, novel perspective, and very pretty style.

That's it for this week! Have a good one, and thanks for reading!


A.R. Knight

A.R. Knight