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Free Stories

Looking to start a new adventure without reaching for your wallet? Take a look at these stories , all available free at most retailers!
Free Stories

Looking to start a new adventure without reaching for your wallet? Take a look at the stories below, all available free at most retailers, and you might find your next favorite series:

Wild Nines

Get hired. Stay Alive. Get Paid. A mercenary crew's motto gets tested when an attack turns a simple job into a fight for much more than their lives.

Wild Nines is the first novel in The Wild Nines series, a fast-paced, action-driven space opera set in a corporate-controlled solar system where laws are profit-driven, and survival often depends on how fast you are on the draw.

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The dead belong in Riven. The living on Earth. But as war fills Riven to bursting, Carver has to find a way to keep those lines clear, or there won’t be much difference between the worlds for long.

Guiding the dead to their next life has never been an easy job. Turns out, most dead don’t like being, well, dead. But when an angry, powerful spirit begins marshaling the lost souls and claiming Carver might be the bridge back to life, Carver has to find out why before the dead make him one of their own.

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To save her family, Kaishi fights a desperate war for survival against enemies from Earth and far beyond. Meanwhile, an alien warrior must choose between his honor and his orders as his love faces a fate worse than death.

Starshot is the first book in The Skyward Saga, a completed sci-fi adventure series that features mind-bending alien encounters, far-future action, devious villains, and a heroine that won’t stop fighting.

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Paragon's Fall

All his life, Aegis has defeated every villain he’s come across, one punch after another. He deserves a break, but when word spreads of a plot to destroy the Paragons, Aegis must don the suit one more time.

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