A Scene To Save A Soul

A Scene To Save A Soul

The Dance of Gods - Sever Squad Book Five

On the run from assassins and worse, Wax and his friends cross the ice to a strange and deadly land. Meanwhile, deep below the surface, Ami battles ferocious fiends in a fight that might change the isles forever.

The Dance of Gods is the fifth book in The Seven Isles fantasy series, stuffed with all the monsters, magic, and adventure you've been enjoying since The Price of Peace, and it's now out and available everywhere in print and ebook. Narrated audio will be coming later as well!

You can find a copy at your favorite retailer! Or, if you've already picked one up, you can pre-order the sequel, The War of Winds, right here. Then, as if by the very same magic that powers the stones, the ebook will appear on your device when it's released.

Pretty cool, no?

What's also pretty cool is the ol' YouTube, which has continued to be my experimental story playground, and will grow even moreso over the next few weeks. On the Black Key Books channel, you can find just about all of my audiobooks, in impeccable narrated editions and as digital full-cast versions, where they're closer to audio dramas than a single-voice read.

There'll be some surprises showing up there over the next month that'll showcase what I'm writing next, so if audio is your deal, then give it a look.

If you're not a fan of YouTube (fair), you can also find every audiobook on there available ad free on my Patreon, which is going to get more active with the new stories coming from the noggin, to the keyboard, and thenceforth to all of you. I'm fully aware of how subscriptions aren't for everyone, so I'm making everything I write available as a one-off purchase in my Patreon store too. Alas, there's not a great way yet for print products, so you'll have to, you know, hit up your friendly local bookstore and have them order you a copy.

Anyway, enough marketing stuff. Having shoo'ed away the businessman, here's a bit of the fun stuff:

What I'm Working on: It's The War of Winds, silly! But also, other things, which you'll be hearing more about soon. I'm drinking more coffee so I can write more, because there's too many fun ideas I want to explore. There's some science fiction that's calling me (and a couple series, like The Wild Nines, that deserve attention) too, and I can't keep away from space for long.

What I'm Reading: While I'm still churning away on the Malazan series (are they long? Yes. Are they good? Also yes.), I've recently finished listening to Number Go Up, by Zeke Faux, because I prefer my audio to be non-fiction, and it's a banger from start to finish. Just endless hilarious, ghastly, and downright edifying if you've always looked at the crypto world with some side-eye (and if you're a crypto fan, I'd argue it's even more important). Worth checking out.

What I'm Playing: Didn't include this last time, but seeing as I also write weekly pieces for Noble Knight Games, seems relevant! The current game of choice is Claustrophobia 1643, a tense two-player tactical dice-chucker between crusading humans and, as ever, demonic hordes. Is it whacky, chaotic, and full of ridiculous moments? Yes. Is it a strange beast, with an odd rulebook bearing French fragments here and there? Also yes. Still, this is the sort of game that's just a good time.

What I'm Watching: Burned through all of the True Detective seasons and found them, save for season 2's oppressive vibe (Vince Vaughn almost saves it), solid. Season One remains my favorite, with a great central mystery and all sorts of weirdo mysticism at its core. Seasons Three and Four are both very different, though, and worth your time if you want a good mystery.

And that's a wrap on this one - you might see me crop up a little more often in your inboxes as these new projects start popping out, but I promise it'll be fun. Regardless, thanks for listening, reading, and being awesome.


A.R. Knight

A.R. Knight