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A Rainy Friday Break

A Rainy Friday Break
It's a Friday and I'm tired.

Some days I look at the list of books, TV shows, movies, and games I've got lined up to dish about on this blog and decide no, not today sir. I'm not what most (anyone?) would call a critic, seeing as I tend to throw my opinions around the room without any regard for a cohesive, say, thesis on a particular subject. Nonetheless, even random observations take work to put together.

And I'm lazy!

Eh, maybe, but moreso there are finite founts my mind can produce in a given day, particularly when that day happens to be gray, rainy, and slopped together with day job tasks, writing work, and keeping my masters, the cats, entertained.

So here we are, presented with a blank (web)page to fill in with tidbits, thoughts in miniature hereafter delivered with zero embellishment, context, or order:

  • The more complex a novel's world, the more difficult it is to focus on the characters, the action without getting sucked away into minutiae. Balancing what the reader needs to know to get the story vs. what I, the author, needs to know to write it is a constant effort.
  • Cat hair is the greatest enemy of my Mac's mouse.
  • The criminal with whom I most identify is the one that felt compelled to steal fried chicken from a New Orleans shop at two am. The owner chased him down the block and tackled the man at the next curb. I hope the thief managed a bite or two, given what it cost him.
  • For a brief time, a Hazy IPA seemed like a special treat. Now they're everywhere. Thankfully, with Fall approaching, it's back to Scotch.
  • I'm infinitely thankful that Ashe is way too young to deal with the school-mask-COVID awfulness. I'm also worried it won't be over by the time he hits kindergarten in three or so years.
  • Netflix dropped a new trailer for some heist movie with Ryan Reynolds and The Rock, and I'm amazed it took this long for the two to be in a movie together.
  • Notion remains an invaluable productivity app. Please don't go bankrupt or get bought out, my dear little program.
  • The idea of my football team, the Chicago Bears, having a potentially rockstar rookie quarterback fills me with confusion. Like wearing clothes in a color you've never put on before.
  • Indian food remains, dollar for dollar, the best takeout value proposition out there. I can eat biryani for days off of a single order, y'all.

That's all the random thoughts I've got banked up for the moment - there's another chapter I need to write today, and the Muse won't tolerate any more slacking.

Happy Labor Day weekend!